Information for PhD students about language classes at the Jagiellonian Language Centre

The matter of the form, level and scope of language education and instruction for PhD students (the 3rd  degree level) of the Jagiellonian University was regulated by the Act no.  58/V/2012 of the Jagiellonian University's Senate of the 23rd of May 2012. 
In accordance with this Act the minimum number of hours for foreign language instruction for full-time PhD students is 60 hours.
Teaching outcomes are evaluated after each semester with the mark obtained being entered into the USOS electronic system.
We offer the following courses to PhD students within the framework of language instruction:
PhD students can also participate in commercial courses  run by the Jagiellonian Language Centre.
Registration for language courses, with the exception of commercial courses, takes place through the USOS electronic system.
PhD students in possession of a language certificate which is included in the list from the Regulation No 106 of the Rektor of the Jagiellonian University 21/10/2014, (aktywny link) confirming their knowledge of a given foreign language at the required level may be granted exemption from course participation as well as exemption from the need to pass the said course. Those tokens issued which have not been used may be exchanged for the continuation of language learning at a higher level or to start a course of instruction in another language, at any level.
In order to obtain exemption from course participation and the requirement to pass the said course, a certificate holder should contact the head of the given language section at the Jagiellonian Language Centre.
Exemption from participation on the basis of a language certificate is not equivalent to exemption from the examination in a modern language taken as part of the doctoral defence procedure.
The information about the doctoral examination in a modern language can be found here.