General Information


At JCJ we run language courses for all levels of proficiency – from  A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in the following languages: 


English     Esperanto     French     Spanish

Japanese    Lithuanian     German    Norwegian

Modern Greek    Russian     Italian


Detailed information about the courses on offer – click here


We also offer theme based courses. These have been devised chiefly with university and PhD students in mind. That said given availability of places theses courses are also open to all interested in such programmes of language teaching.    


We would ask you to become acquainted with course details on:  Theme based courses


Why learn foreign languages at JCJ?

·         Courses are taught by highly qualified university lecturers.

·         Our placement testing system is two-tiered: a written test followed by a placement talk with a lecturer.

·         All language skills are developed during classes, with emphasis placed on communicative activities.

·         We devise and implement our very own teaching programmes, ones tailored to group needs.

·         We closely monitor participants' progress.

·         Course participants receive a certificate of course completion after finishing a given course level. 

·         Those who successfully pass a relevant progress test receive a language certificate documenting this attainment. 

·         Classes take place in two conveniently placed locations (at Krupnicza 2 and Al. Kijowska 14) in well-appointed and equipped rooms.

·         We offer discounts for students and employees of the Jagiellonian University as well as for all those who choose to continue their language education with us. There exists the possibility to pay for courses in instalments.


Group placement is two-tiered:  a written test and a placement talk with a lecturer.


If places allow registration to groups may take place after courses have commenced.


Detailed information may be obtained from the JCJ secretariat at Ingardena 3 room 226

Tel. 12 421-36-11