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Greta Lemanaite-Deprati MA                                                  

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The book collection housed at the Jagiellonian Language Centre is in the region of 5000 items, the majority of which are teaching materials in English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Japanese and Esperanto. Here are also assembled books on the teaching of foreign languages, specialist dictionaries  as well as foreign-language journals. Audiovisual materials for foreign language teaching are also available in the Library. A sizeable collection of literature in English, French, German and Spanish is also on offer. Besides works in unabridged original versions there are also editions adapted for readers at various levels of language advancement.   

Students and those attending commercial course may only borrow from the literature section of the Library. 

The JCJ Library electronic catalogue

Computerised Catalogue of the Jagiellonian University's Libraries

Please note the actual location of a given item!

Only those items marked with the localisation  JAGIELLOŃSKIE CENTRUM JĘZYKOWE are available in the collections held at our library.  


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