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Fees for retaking a language course

A student who wishes to retake a language course for a fee should:

  1. Register at the JCJ Secretariat with the relevant completed form.

  2. On the basis of the submitted form each student who is repeating a language course of study will be issued with a personal account within the USOSweb system, to which the following payments, depending on the number of repeated hours, should be made:  
    30 hours – 230 zł
    60 hours – 460 zł
    Payment may also be made by means of credit and debit cards at the JCJ Secretariat.

  3. It follows to arrange a meeting with the Head of the given language section, who will allocate the interested party to a relevant language group. It is necessary to submit the completed form and confirmation of payment to the relevant Section Head.

  4. Next, the obtained allocation to a given language class and a completed copy of the agreement should be submitted to the JCJ Secretariat with the aim of being registered into the USOS system and being issued with the relevant number of tokens for the designated number of hours purchased.   Agreement