Language class organisation

Number of course hours

In accordance with the Jagiellonian University Senate Resolution no. 2/I/2012 of the 25th of January 2012, the minimum number of hours for practical language classes for the various degree levels is as outlined below:  
●      BA/BSc (undergraduate) level - 120 hours with a division into two or four semesters;
●      MA/MSc (post-graduate) level - 60 or 120 hours covered during the course of one or two semesters; 
●      5-year degree programmes leading to an MA/MSc etc.,  - 180 or 240 hours covered in the course of three or four semesters; 
●      PhD studies - 60 hours with a division into two semesters.  

USOS Registration

Students entitled to take courses in foreign languages do so by electronic registration via the university's USOS registration system. 
When choosing a course of study attention should be paid to the requirements as set out by the student's faculty/ institute with regard to the number of hours and level of instruction.
During the initial registration period students should choose those courses which have been designed for particular faculties. This is most important as a result of the specialist modules these course contain. 
During the second registration period students have the possibility to register for any group assuming places in these are available. The maximum group size is 16 (in justifiable situations this number may be different).  

Leaving a language group and changing groups

During the course of registration students have the right to leave a given group for which they have registered through a logging-out process or to change that group for another through logging into the USOS system. 
After the formal period for registration has elapsed a student may change group or register for the said by submitting a request for group registration at the JCJ Secretariat. Application forms are available  at :

Requirement for subject endorsement

In accordance with Regulation no. 59 of the Jagiellonian University's Rector of the 6th of June 2014 all subjects have to be endorsed no later than by the 22nd of October for the Winter Semester and the 8th of March for the Summer Semester. 

Conditions for passing language classes

A student who has registered for a language class is subject to the regulations in force at the Jagiellonian University's Language Centre, which require the student to pass the course work and fulfil the requirements of the final examination.  
The regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the 2nd of November 2011 introduced the requirement for the final assessment in a foreign language according to the CEFR scale to be at the level of:  
●      B2  for undergraduate degrees;
●      B2+  for post-graduate degrees and 5-year MA/MSc degree programmes;
●      C1 is the level  for PhD students recommended by the Jagiellonian University authorities

Minimal required course levels for final examinations

The minimum number of ECTS points for passing a module is:
·       4 ECTS pts for undergraduate programmes;
·       2 ECTS pts for post-graduate programmes;
·       6 ECTS pts for 5-year MA/MSc degree programmes.
The number of points may be increased by the student's institute or faculty. ECTS points are awarded for passing a module of instruction as confirmed by an examination or certificate.

ECTS points

In accordance with Regulation no. 106 of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University of the 21st of October 2014, a student may pass a programme of language instruction on the basis of a certificate confirming a knowledge of the given foreign language. 
Certificates that exempt students from language class attendance and the requirement to take a final examination are enumerated in the attachments to the Rector's ruling. However, a student still retains the right to:  
·       complete a course at JCJ resulting in an examination and thereby to choose a higher grade than that which the certificate would have represented 
·       make use of any free tokens to study any language as taught on the general or thematic course programmes offered by JCJ, places allowing. 

In order to pass a language course on the basis of a certificate students are asked to see the head of the relevant language section during their timetabled duty hours at the Jagiellonian University Language Centre or their proxies.

Passing language classes on the basis of a certificate

A student who has passed with a final examination a language course at JCJ does not have to repeat this language instruction on another degree programme conducted at the Jagiellonian University. In accordance with paragraph 11 point 3 of the Jagiellonina University's Degree Regulations, a student's institute is the body to decide whether to recognise grades obtained on another degree programme.   
In the case whereby a student has completed a language course at another institution of higher education the decision as to recognition is taken by the head of the elementary unit (the dean), who may consult JCJ with regard to validity. 

Transferring of grades obtained on another course of study at the Jagiellonian University or at another institution of higher education.

A student who has passed a language course on the basis of a certificate or otherwise may use any free tokens to continue language instruction in the same language at a higher level or in order to learn another language at any level whatsoever, as reflected in the courses offered by JCJ.


Free tokens

A student who wishes to follow a programme of individual tuition (ITS) applies to the head of the elementary organisational unit for acceptance of the envisaged course of tests, assessment and examinations for a given semester as well as the conditions required to pass as established with, and evaluated by the academic staff responsible for the relevant language classes.   This means that the conditions and requirements for passing a language class should be established with the lecturers in question at the moment an application for ITS is made by the student. 


Individual tuition for students (ITS)

After passing the final language examination full-time students may apply for a Language Certificate confirming their language level as reflected in the levels of proficiency established in the  Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This certificate is only issued to students who have successfully completed an examination course of language instruction at JCJ.

Language certificate

A student who for various reasons has not been able to pass a language course in the designated course of study may apply to take a paid language examination in as far as permission for the said is given by their institute or faculty. The fee charged for a given academic year is established by resolution of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University.

Paid examinations

Student, który z różnych przyczyn nie zaliczył lektoratu w regulaminowym trybie może przystąpić do odpłatnego egzaminu językowego, o ile wyrazi na to zgodę Wydział/Instytut Macierzysty. Wysokość opłaty na dany rok akademicki reguluje zarządzenie Rektora UJ.