System jakości kształcenia w JCJ - The Teaching Quality System at JCJ

The Teaching Quality System at JCJ
The Jagiellonian Language Centre places great score of the quality of the teaching it provides. Our activities are inscribed within the whole Jagiellonian University's strivings for perfection in educational quality. The recently undertaken initiatives on the part of JCJ, ones fully supported by the University authorities, have as their aim the achievement of accreditation on the part of the international association  Eaquals – Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services acting under the auspices of the Council of Europe, being a consultant body to the European Commission in matters of language education. 
The system for teaching quality development at the Jagiellonian Language Centre is a part of a wider University broad System for Teaching Quality Improvement ( in accordance with the Resolution 33/V/2010 of the Jagiellonian University Senate of the 26th May 2010.
Teaching quality is defined by both the effects of education on the European plane by means of the European Educational Framework, as equally on the national level through:
The Polish National Qualification Frameworks, which determine what pupils and students should know, understand and be able to do following the completion of a concrete period of education (
At the Jagiellonian Language Centre the document referred to in relation to the learning outcomes of education in the language sphere is:
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – 
The system of implementation  and quality assurance at JCJ refers to all levels of education, namely to language instruction at the levels of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorial degrees. The regulation of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the 2nd of November 2011 defines the language competencies required for each level of tertiary education and each type of degree with the exception of PhD studies:
B2 for BA/BSc courses
B2+ MA/MSc courses
B2+ for combined 5-year courses of study
C1 is a recommended level for PhD course by the Jagiellonian University authorities.
Students are entitled to free language instruction for a minimum of 120 hours while studying at undergraduate level, and 60 hours while studying for a MA/MSc degree. The mandatory number of hours is established by the individual faculties of the Jagiellonian University. PhD studies at the Jagiellonian University include a modern-language component of 60 hours of teaching.
The internal system of quality assurance within the Jagiellonian Language Centre as an interfaculty unit of the Jagiellonian University.
I. Legal conditions
Executive regulations:
Internal University regulations: The following refer to University resolutions and edicts regarding quality assurance in teaching and didactic practices passed and ratified by the Jagiellonian University's Senate and Rectorate.
Uchwała nr 33/V/2010 Senatu Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 26 maja 2010 r. w sprawie utworzenia i wdrażania Uczelnianego Systemu Doskonalenia Jakości kształcenia na UJ
Zarządzenie nr 36 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 8 czerwca 2010 r. w sprawie zasad i metod wdrażania Uczelnianego Systemu Doskonalenia Jakości Kształcenia
Zarządzenie nr 18 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 12 marca 2013 r. w sprawie wprowadzenia Regulaminu ankietowego systemu oceny zajęć dydaktycznych
Uchwała nr 109/VI/2014 Senatu Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 25 czerwca 2014 r. w sprawie przyjęcia Regulaminu Jagiellońskiego Centrum Językowego
Zarządzenie nr 94 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 24 września 2014 roku w sprawie określenia struktury wewnętrznej Jagiellońskiego Centrum Językowego
Decyzja nr 30 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 24 września 2014 roku w sprawie: powołania członków Rady Centrum Jagiellońskiego Centrum Językowego, o których mowa w § 7 ust. 1 pkt 4 Regulaminu Jagiellońskiego Centrum Językowego, na kadencję 2012-2016
Decyzja nr 5 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 7 marca 2014 r. w sprawie powołania przez prorektora UJ ds. dydaktycznych przedstawiciela JCJ UJ do składu Uczelnianego Zespołu Doskonalenia Jakości Kształcenia
Powołanie Zespołu Doskonalenia Jakości Kształcenia w JCJ UJ (16 maja 2014 r.)
Zarządzenie nr 87 Rektora Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego z 27 sierpnia 2014 roku w sprawie powołania i ustalenia zakresu działania Pełnomocnika Rektora UJ ds. standaryzacji i akredytacji w zakresie nauczania języków obcych w Jagiellońskim Centrum Językowym i Centrum Językowym Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego – Collegium Medicum
II. The functioning of the internal system for teaching quality assurance at JCJ
The system is based on the principle of the conscious and intentional undertaking of pro-quality measures on the part of all teaching and administrative staff at JCJ with the aim of jointly creating a culture of high educational quality practices within all areas of the Jagiellonian Language Centre's practices.
Responsibility for ensuring the correct functioning of the quality assurance system lies with the JCJ Director in conjunction with the Centre's Council. The responsibility for joint creation of this culture of quality lies with each and every employee and student. The Teaching Quality Improvement Unit recommends, initiates and implements pro-quality activities within JCJ constituting a part of the University Teaching Quality System. The areas of activity for teaching and administrative staff are outlined within the individual responsibilities and duties of the persons in question.
Specific pro-quality tasks are carried out by the relevant assignment units (for example, the lesson observation / inspection unit, the unit responsible for the formulation of procedures in force at the Jagiellonian language Centre)
Pro-quality activities are cyclical in character, are subject to regular verification (e.g., the teaching programmes are verified once a year following the end of the academic year), and as a consequence are liable to further modifications.
III. Areas of internal system activity ensuring teaching quality at the Jagiellonian Language Centre
Management and administration
Teaching and learning
Educational resources
Premises and safety
Other services for those learning languages at JCJ
Quality assurance system for classes taught  
Professional development of JCJ staff 
Conditions of employment
Internal communication
External communication
IV. Indexes and reference documents of the internal system of teaching quality assurance at JCJ
Management and administration
The UJ statute
Regulations for degree course at UJ
JCJ regulations
JCJ development strategy
Range of obligations and duties for JCJ administrative staff 
Outline of course registration procedure (the USOS electronic system)
Additional information of an administrative nature needed by those studying at JCJ (e.g., what to do in the case of repeating a year / language course, etc.) available on the JCJ website and within the USOS system.  
JCJ Council and Council regulations 
JCJ Council meetings, of the JCJ directorate, of heads of language sections, of lecturers of language sections 
Internal university legal acts
Teaching and learning
The JCJ mission
Defined teaching approach for language instruction at JCJ
Teaching programmes defined according to their reference to the CEFR 
Learning outcomes defined according to the CEFR and the Polish National Qualification Frameworks 
The means of evaluating the outcomes of instruction in reference to the CEFR 
Coordination of the work of lecturers in language sections
Coordination of the work of lecturers in the Faculties and cooperation with the Faculties 
Documentation of questions and topics raised during classes
Registration of class attendance 
Defined  learning outcomes
Descriptions of the means for learning outcomes evaluation, semester accreditation and examinations  
Placement tests for online self-assessment 
Qualifying procedures for commercial language courses (written and oral part) 
Information on the subject of internal and external examination recognition (degree course regulations) 
Information on the format, scope and course of foreign language examinations as part of the PhD degree validation process 
Information on the format, scope and course of foreign language examinations for commercial clients 
List of recognised external examinations leading to exemption from language course participation   (Resolution no. 106 of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University)
Certificates issued by JCJ
Educational resources
Library, including a methodology library for teachers 
Catalogue of JCJ resources online linked online to the Jagiellonian University Library
Internet website with the publications of JCJ staff 
Purchase of new items at the request of staff within the financial possibilities of JCJ 
Adaptation of teaching materials by the staff to reflect the specific requirements of students at particular Faculties  
Preparation of teaching materials to incorporate the needs of students at a given faculty so-called e-topic rooms
Access to traditional printed and on-line journals
Premises and safety
Main JCJ main premises in the centre of Cracow
Documentation on fire-prevention and safety at work regulations 
Documentation on the safety of staff and students on JCJ premises 
Information in classrooms on first aid procedures 
Training and instruction for JCJ staff on the giving of first aid 
Obligatory safety at work courses for staff 
Equipping of class rooms (IT equipment, the Internet, dictionaries, visual aids)
Equipping of staff rooms (computers, the Internet, photocopiers)
Teaching Quality Assurance System 
Lesson observation system (short observations, entire lesson observations, peer observations) as well as training sessions resulting from the observations conducted  
Standardisation meetings for the inspection team (once annually) 
Regular meetings of language sections with the section heads
Regular meetings of section heads with the JCJ  director and vice-director for teaching 
Annual reports on the subject of teaching evaluation in relation to other units at the university 
Annual training workshops for the staff of all the language units at JCJ
Online student questionnaires evaluating teaching staff 
Evaluation questionnaires evaluating teaching staff in a printed version (commercial courses)
Questionnaires evaluating the work of the JCJ secretariat and library
Internal and external training for JCJ teachers 
Cooperation with the faculties at the Jagiellonian University on the part of coordinators of lecturers' teaching through the office of JCJ director or vice-director for teaching  
Conducting institutional self-evaluation
Conducting external independent audits (e.g., advisory visits by Eaquals inspectors)
Other services offered to the university and outside clients
Management staff duty hours 
Teaching staff duty hours
Lesson cover systems including electronic lessons (English section) in lieu of face-to-face classes 
Online access to lecturers (university electronic mail system)
Access to secretariat staff, also  online
Coaching system for students and lecturers
Teacher's Assistant – teaching by native speakers on study visits to the Jagiellonian University (up to 10 hours) through the monitoring of JCJ staff
Conducting PhD language examinations for UJ Faculties 
Providing tutorial times for PhD students 
Cooperation with the Office for the Disabled and the for those with various forms of disability  
Cooperation with the Jagiellonian University's University of the Third Age and the running of language classes for senior citizens  
The providing of commercial language courses 
Providing examinations in modern languages and Latin 
Coaching system for the JCJ staff and students and outside Clients 
Professional development of JCJ staff 
Qualified academic teaching staff
Possibility for teacher self-evaluation (through the European Profiling Grid) with the aim of ascertaining the directions for professional development
Programme of internal training resulting from the needs of a given language section as well as lesson observations  
Training programmes with external instructors
Support for academic teacher training away trips 
Coaching system for lecturers
Work introduction system for newly employed teachers in the teaching and organisational duties and requirements 
Documentation by teachers of their professional achievements and work done on behalf of JCJ 
Conditions for employment 
Various forms of employment maintaining the proportion between full-time and part-time staff  
Calls for applications for administrative posts announced in the Jagiellonian University's Public Information Bulletin  
Calls for applications for teaching posts: of lecturer, senior lecturer and principal lecturer announced in the Jagiellonian University's Public Information Bulletin; candidates are interviewed by the JCJ director and their candidature confirmed by the JCJ Council     
University regulations on annual leave, sick leave, leave of absence from work for compassionate reasons, prizes and awards for full-time members of staff
Internal communication
Internal organisational structure of JCJ
Range of responsibilities for management staff 
Internal communication system at all levels of the organisational structure (UJ mail)
USOS system for communication with students
Documentation of management staff meetings/ of language sections lecturers/ of the   Teaching Quality Improvement Unit at JCJ UJ
Management staff accessibility to lecturers 
Academic and administrative procedures book for lecturers 
Induction Pack for a new teacher
Tabs on the website designed for lecturer information 
External communication
JCJ internet website 
JCJ on Facebook
U-mail and university mail system for communicating with students
JCJ information and promotional materials 
Participation of JCJ staff in the annual Teaching Quality Week at the Jagiellonian University
JCJ participation at  Faculty Language Days (e.g., held by the Faculty of Management and Social Communication)
Participation of JCJ teachers in external training programmes and methodology conferences both in Poland and abroad  
Regular meetings of the Directorate of JCJ with representatives of the Faculties at meetings of the Permanent Senate Commission for Teaching Affairs within the framework of the University Teaching Quality System     
Cooperation on the part of JCJ with representatives of the PhD Student Association, the Jagiellonian University Student Union and the Office for the Disabled   
Meetings of the University authorities with the board of Eaquals during the joint organisation of training courses and meetings 
Presentation by the directorate of JCJ at forums and inter-university conferences (e.g. at the Education Quality Week, a conference on the didactic competences of academic teachers)  
Publication of articles written by JCJ teachers in „Zeszyty Glottodydaktyczne" published by JCJ
The joint funding by JCJ of book publications by employees of JCJ
Publication of articles by JCJ academic members of staff on the JCJ website and in university publications, e.g.,  ,,Alma Mater"
Organisation of the 24th IATEFL-PL international conference (18.09-20.09.2015)