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Job hunting and accelerating your career

<span lang='en'>Job hunting and accelerating your career</span>

Jagiellońskie Centrum Językowe zaprasza na webinarium "Job hunting and accelerating your career", które organizujemy w ramach wydarzenia "Gra o karierę" we współpracy z Biurem Karier.

A webinar: March 7th, 17.00 – 19.00 online

Speaker: Izabela Rutkowski, Associate Director, M.A. Programme in Mathematics of Finance, Columbia University

Topic: Job hunting and accelerating your career.


Learn about how professionals are approaching the job-seeking process. We'll talk about resumes, cover letters, and the use of AI in recruiting. During this session, you'll also learn about how candidates in the US prepare for interviews and how they build and use their professional networks.

We'll discuss the concept of mentors, job referrals, upskilling, managing up, negotiating salaries and benefits, and changing jobs.

We'll also mention student work visas and visiting scholars programs at American universities. We'll share some tips and good practices for those interested in applying to Ph.D. programs in the US.


Izabela Rutkowski has been a career development advisor for graduate students at Columbia University since 2013. She is currently directing the Mathematics of Finance Program at Columbia University, where she is overseeing the program's administration, career services, employer and alumni relations. Rutkowski holds a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, where she also worked as a career development advisor until 2019.

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