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Learning And Teaching Space in Higher Education

<span lang='en'>Learning And Teaching Space in Higher Education</span>

Katarzyna Machała from the Jagiellonian Language Centre participated in the Learning and Teaching Space in Higher Education (LTSHE) project that aims to emphasize the importance of space in the learning and teaching process, and to arrive at a set of principles and guidelines that institutions can draw on to inform the development of new learning and teaching (L&T) spaces. The LTSHE project develops a set of core principles that institutions can use to help them design, construct and develop new L&T spaces.

Increasingly, quality assurance in higher education is expanding to include a wide range of aspects of university life that includes buildings and the environment. The physical space of universities has often focused on the activities of L&T. This project provide a framework for institutions to work within to ensure that they make best use of their resources. The key tangible result is a manual to inform university design to facilitate innovative L&T spaces. Other results are data relating to the extent and development of innovative L&T space within the EHEA.

The LTSHE project is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education within the Erasmus+ Program under the key action Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The project has a duration of 36 months (2019-2022) and is carried out by its eight partners from eight European countries, namely Austria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom (the co-ordinator and the leading Partner).


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