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3rd Kraków Language Teaching Staff Training Week Jagiellonian Language Centre, Jagiellonian University Kraków, 3rd- 7th July 2023

This year’s Language Teaching Staff Training Week is concerned with questions which we are currently trying to address, and “currently” means AFTER the pandemic, WHILE observing the dynamic job market awaiting our students and BEFORE artificial intelligence replaces us altogether (but will it ever?). After all isn’t it a language teacher’s job to draw on past experience, try to understand the present and predict the future?

We look forward to exchanging views on problems and solutions. Let’s share teaching experience, good practice and useful strategies, methods and materials. Let’s talk about the future needs of our students. Let’s take a closer look at what quality teaching means when technology not only helps students to learn but can also replace learning itself (but can it really?).

Ludka Kotarska
Ludka Kotarska Kenote speakerLudka has worked in language education as teacher, teacher trainer, manager and consultant for over 35 years. She was the Managing Director of ELS-Bell schools in Poland  and one of the founder members of PASE – Polish Association of Quality Language Schools. She has been active in Eaquals since 1995 as Chair of Inspections Sub-committee, an advisor to the Board, Eaquals Chair and Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy from 2016 to 2022. In her last role she led the development of Eaquals Accreditation Portfolio. She has conducted inspections and quality audits in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and has participated as speaker in professional conferences. Her areas of interest cover quality assurance and change management in language education.


  • Talks - 20-minute presentations plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion

  • Workshops – 60 minutes of activities and discussion


  • Call for Papers: 5 February - 15 March 2023 - please submit Call for Papers

  • Registration for speakers: 15 March - 31 March - please submit Registration form

  • Registration for non-speakers: 31 March - 30 April 2023 - please submit Registration form

  • Notification of acceptance: by 30 April 2023

  • Detailed staff week programme: 30 April 2023

  • Event dates: 3 - 7 July 2023