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Thematic Courses

Thematic courses in Jagiellonian Language Centre are addressed to students who want to develop their language competences in a specific thematic area or work on specific language skills, such as speaking, writing, reading or listening. Most of the courses are designed for two semesters (60 hours) and can be completed in one of the following ways:

  • using available tokens that students have, for example, after being exempt from the language course with an external certificate or having their grade transferred from a different course of study cycle;
  • instead of a traditional foreign language course, but only for postgraduate and doctoral studies,

and at least 60 hours of the course (two semesters) have to be completed;

  • in addition to a regular language course after purchasing the appropriate number of tokens (additional tokens can be obtained from the JCJ Office after paying the appropriate fee- as listed in the regulations of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University on  charges for educational services).

Language proficiency levels of the thematic courses offered are based on and in accordance with CEFR.

Registration for courses
Students register in USOS using available tokens.


Groups 2023/2024

  • Courses in English: 

    Academic English C1+  Agata Krzysica

    Academic Reading and Writing B2+  Katarzyna Ziembińska

    Academic Skills and Language in Social Sciences, C1+  Jolanta Śniechowska

    AI Ethics or Ethical AI? C1+ (30 godzin) Jolanta Rutkowska

    BioEnglish C1+  Beata Batko

    Business English Course B2+  Monika Kozub

    Critical Thinking in Philosophy C1+  Halina Kozdęba-Murray

    Current Trends in Society and Culture C1+  Bernadeta Raczkiewicz

    English for Art and Architecture B2+  Monika Wolanin

    English in Life Sciences C1+  Wioletta Rożnawska

    English for Polish Studies B2+  Marta Sterna

    English for Political Studies B2+  Agnieszka Potoczna-Gawlik

    English for Teachers and Educators B2+  Joanna Zubel

    Films & TV Shows C1+  Katarzyna Machała

    Fundamentals of Business: Marketing and Finance B2+ Beata Filipecka

    History and Human Thought  Reflected in Art C1+  Monika Wolanin

    Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation B2+ (30 godzin)  Dorota Lubińska-Pyla

    Read and Think Critically C1+  Agata Krzysica

    Scientific Insights into Everyday Life: Exploring the Whys and Hows C1+  Wioletta Rożnawska

    Shaping Your Future: English for Career Development B2+  Beata Filipecka

    Soft Skills to Enhance Students’ Employability B2+ (30 godzin)  Jolanta Rutkowska

    Youth Development and Leadership B2+  Joanna Zubel

    The Twentieth-Century American Novel C1+  Zbigniew Głowala

    Transmedia what? - level C1+  Katarzyna Machała

  • Courses in French: 
  • Le français dans la culture et dans l’art B1  Kazimierz Łukowicz

    Francuski od podstaw+ komunikacja zawodowa z elementami dyplomacji  A1  Małgorzata Kantor-Noga

  • Courses in German
  • Konversationskurs, Präsentationstechniken mit Coachinggrundlagen B2+ Irena Szpuler-Dirak
  • Courses in Russian
  • Prawo.Biznes.Turystyka  B2+  Radosław Gajda


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